Rachel Troublefield

"there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. . ." -vincent van gogh


I'm hungry. Are you hungry? And not for food. Although, now that I think about it I AM kinda hungry for some of that too.  

Today's Jesus Calling 12.17
"Come to Me with your gaping emptiness (i feel that), knowing that in Me you are complete. (i don't so much feel THAT). As you rest quietly in my Presence (not good at that), My Light within you grows brighter and brighter (and then gets dimmed by a packed subway car and someone touching my butt). Facing the emptiness inside you is simply the prelude to being filled with My fullness. (that's good news) Therefore, rejoice (say what?!)  on those days when you drag yourself out of bed, feeling sluggish and inadequate. (today) Tell yourself that this is a perfect day to depend on Me in childlike trust. (Spirit, help me) If you persevere in this dependence as you go through the day, you will discover at bedtime Joy and Peace have become your companions.(ahhhh friends) You may not realize at what point they joined you on your journey, but you will feel the beneficial effects of their presence.  The perfect end to such a day is a doxology of gratitude.  I am He from whom all blessings flow!" 

Today, I wasn't perfect in depending on Jesus for every move and every thought and every choice.  I'll admit it.  I am a very independent woman and dependence is not easy for me.  But I know Jesus's Spirit was with me all day.  And tomorrow I get to try again.  And I'm still hungry for Jesus, which is proof of the Spirit.  And that is good news.