Rachel Troublefield

"there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. . ." -vincent van gogh


Fair thee well, young sailor.
Fair thee well.
On to the mountains you go.
Into the city you throw
yourself because you're not quite sure
what else to do.
Because you're not quite sure which you
is you
and which place you can be in for a spell.
Each town has cast its spell on your heart.
Each land has a piece and a part.
The patterns you've walked, 
the trail ways you've left.
The adventures you dreamed but never
The explorations you've left undone.
The words never spoken.
The loves never loved. 
The life that you're living, you've only got
So do it now. 
Do it true.
Make a decision.
To the water. 
To the hills. 
To the city.
Or standing