Rachel Troublefield

"there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. . ." -vincent van gogh

I am a fan of The Bachelorette

That's right people.  If you didn't already know I am a huge fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series on the ABC channel.  It is a very guilty pleasure that I only feel guilty about during the months the show is not on.  Because once the show is back on, I'm in.  I'm hooked.  I am Facebooking and Tweeting and Instagramming all the dramatic goodness and I am guilt-free.  

Last night was the season finale (part 2) of The Bachelorette starring Desiree who got kicked off on Sean's season. I have to say, she wasn't my favorite bachelorette--Emily was.  But I still watched and still enjoyed myself and my friends and my glasses of wine.  Last night I was not in New York but in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina (where I currently am) so I did not get to watch it with my usual Bachelorette crew.  Instead, after a delicious meal of fajitas and guacamole at my favorite local Mexican restaurant, I dove into the drama with my sister who hates it when I squeal, my mom who was smiling dreamily at the TV, my 93 year old grandmother who really couldn't care less, and my best friend Caroline who watched the wrong previous episode and although she think Brooks dresses really cute, didn't get the drama from the previous week where Brooks dumped Des in a turn of a events that we all saw coming. . .except for Des. 

Long story short is this: she was heartbroken by Brooks and said she was done.  But the heartbreak and the fact that Brooks was no longer an option cleared her mind and her heart.  She got rid of Drew, who could quite possibly be the best looking man to ever set foot in either of these series, first things first, broke his heart, and continued to see if she could force feelings with Chris.  Turns out she could and pretty soon those feeling weren't forced but fate and they got engaged in a tear fest.  Chris is super adorable and my sister is obsessed with him, but he's obsessed with Des.  Sucks for my sister but great for Des.   

Their moving to Seattle and I hope for their sakes that the tabloid mess will slow down sooner than later and they can actually have a successful relationship.  

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO EMILY AND JEF??  I still want to, no NEED to know.  

In other, 100% related news, Juan Pablo is the new Bachelor.  I didn't have any real opinion on him, except for the fact that he's super attractive--but that's not opinion: it's fact. I might not be as invested as I was this time (who am I kidding?!) but I'll definitely watch.  Looking forward to January!